Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zionist crimes & blind world

While murdering innocent Palestinians, terrorist Israel looks around for cooked up excuses to further terror-attack Palestine, expand illegal settlement proliferation and thus prolong the occupation. UN, UNSC and other supposedly relevant world bodies pretend they do not know exactly what the Zionists are doing in Palestine. The peace process, under the circumstances, has arrived at an expected impasse leaving the onward journey in uncertainties. The Israelis are systematically refusing to recognize the existence of Palestinians and their efforts to establish an independent Palestine to let Palestinians live peacefully. After creating hurdles to block peace talks reach a credible Palestinian settlement policy. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was on 16 Dec meeting with his inner Forum of Seven, a government official said, to discuss ideas for rescuing â peace talks that were raised with the US Middle East envoy. The Forum of Seven ministers was also to consider the possibility of widespread international recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

Israel controls the sea waters of Palestine and does not allow any humanitarian and defensive aid for the Palestinians besieged by Israeli military networks. It pledged to halt a new attempt by pro-Palestinian groups to sail more ships into Gaza, and claimed some of the arrested activists carried weapons. Israel has refused to lift all blockades around Palestine. Under severe international condemnation, Israel indicated would consider ways to ease the blockade to allow more goods into Gaza — a policy that has been quietly underway in recent months.

However, it does not want to totally remove the illegal, inhuman blockades without the UNSC intervention. USA has refused to forcefully stop Israeli massacres in Palestine, Gaza strip particularly. Recently, an Israeli air strike killed five Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Jewish weekly prayer day, Saturday. Perhaps as a gimmick, Israeli Terror PM Netanyahu also unveiled the U.S. inducements to his cabinet and appeared hopeful the ministers would back plans for a “temporary halt” to building in the occupied West Bank to overcome a hurdle to the peace talks. As a usual gimmick to prolong the occupation, Israel insists on recognition by Palestine even an independent state has not been created as yet but it does not respect international law but only trusts its judiciary to conduct investigations on Israeli crimes in Palestine but also to punish against Palestinians. Disputes over the final status of the occupied territories - and the ultimate destiny of the Palestinian population within them - would do much to shape the course of the conflict in coming years. Encouraged by US-UK terror twins, Syrian nuclear rectors were partially destroyed by Israel.

Fatah leader and PLO chief, Abbas reiterated the Palestinians want US guarantees ensuring “a complete halt to settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They have also called for US recognition of a Palestinian state based on Israel’s borders before the 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The New York-based Human Rights Watch said that Israel systematically stifles the development of Palestinian communities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem while fostering the growth of Jewish settlements on those lands, urging the US to slash aid to Israel because of “blatantly discriminatory” practices. No security rationale or other legitimate reason can explain the “vast scale of differential treatment,” said the 166-page report, which compared several Palestinian communities with neighboring settlements.

In one case, Israel refused to connect a West Bank village to the electricity grid and denied approval for a foreign-funded solar energy project there, while a nearby settlement enjoyed all standard services, the report said. Palestinians face systematic discrimination merely because of their race, ethnicity, and national origin, depriving them of electricity, water, schools, and access to roads, while nearby Jewish settlers enjoy all of these state-provided benefits. Israeli officials were “reviewing” the report and had no immediate comment. Obama’s “package” in exchange for Israeli freeze still remains untouched by Zionist leaders. Israel official hinted on Nov 19 that they do not fully trust USA the USA had not yet provided the guarantees that Israel wanted, with Washington reluctant to commit to paper all the promises Netanyahu says he was offered verbally last week. The latest snag concerned a pledge that Israel says US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made to provide the country free of charge 20 F-35 stealth warplanes worth $3 billion. America is still serious about its double-speaks on Mideast. USA supported a Security Council statement that condemned the “acts” that cost the lives of the pro-Palestinian activists off the Gaza coast, but did not condemn Israeli terror attacks. US foreign minister Mrs. Clinton did not call for an end to the blockade either, but she pressed Israel to allow greater access for humanitarian relief supplies, signaling continued US commitment to Israeli genocides. She admitted the situation in Hamas ruled Gaza, under an Israeli blockade, is “unsustainable and unacceptable.”

The ruling Hamas government is warning it will escalate hostilities against Israel if tensions don’t subside along the Gaza-Israeli border. Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades said “There is a truce in effect in the field. It is real if Israel stops its aggression and ends its siege. But if there is any Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip we will respond strongly and the group is completely ready to answer any Israeli aggression and also ready to repel any future Israeli invasion and hinted at a secret weapon. “Our weapons are few compared to those of the Israeli occupation, but we have something that will worry the occupation,” he said without giving details. Ahmed Al-Jabari, the head of the Al-Qassam Brigades, had a much more militant message for Israel, saying Hamas would not rest until Israel was ousted from all Palestinian lands and Israelis faced either two choices: “Death or departing Palestinian lands.”

There is a lot confusion about what exactly the US plans are and if it would stand by its promise of establishing a Palestine state in a year or even two. US Middle East envoy George Mitchell promised in Cairo “substantive” talks with Israel and the Palestinians with an eye towards making real progress in the next few months to salvage the peace talks, stressing need to “rebuild confidence, demonstrate their seriousness and hopefully find enough common ground on which to eventually relaunch direct negotiations. Mitchell had admitted that it had failed to secure a new Israeli settlement freeze - a precondition laid out by Palestinian officials before they return to the US-brokered direct talks. The UN said both Israel and Palestine sides have indicated they wanted to reduce tension around the eastern Mediterranean coastal enclave. Israel and Hamas fought a devastating three-week war in the Gaza Strip two years ago and there have been frequent exchanges of fire across the tense border since, with incidents recently spiking. Hamas said they are committed to self-restraint as long as there is no oppression and no aggression.

Israel’s military said this week that one of its tanks patrolling the Gaza border had been hit by a Russian-made Kornet anti-tank rocket, the first time such a weapon had been encountered there. Coming soon after similar recognitions by Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia’s move to recognize Palestine brought to 106 the number of UN member states recognizing the State of Palestine, whose independence was proclaimed on November 15, 1988. Bolivia extended diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine on Dec 17 within its full pre-1967 borders (all of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem). If the Arab League calls on the UN member states which have not already recognized Palestine for recognition, and to do so promptly, it is certain that the response would be far superior and Israel would revise its terror policy.

An arrogant Israel uses it terror power freely in the region even as NATO terror leaders USA and UK focus on Iraqi oil and Afghan raw materials plus energy routes for which the NATO syndicate keep killing innocent people who live along the “energy-cum-Silk route”, while their nasty media and intelligence outfits call them “insurgents” and “terrorists”. The ultimate target of Israel’s political machinations and verbal and military assaults on Hezbollah, Lebanon and Syria is Iran. Israel still thinks it has the best military and terror power in the region and could destroy the entire Mideast in minutes. This assumption stems form the past experience when the Arabs were defeated by Israel essentially with US-UK weapons. Arabs do not have joint military strategy now against Israel.


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