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It is not because of their strengths that they have been able to do this… it is because of the weakness of the non-existent anti-Zionist “opposition”  in the American Government and American Media.


By Debbie Menon


“More and more, Americans from all walks of life are talking about Israel’s influence in Washington, looking for someone to blame. Americans are angry, feeling powerless, victimized by their own government.

Some of that blame takes the form of Antisemitism, again rearing its ugly head, but most of it is expressed in healthy skepticism, skepticism of a government showing signs of having been bought.  ”Bought” is a harsh word but no other word applies, not anymore.  There is no other explanation, not for the policies we are seeing, policies steeped in bias, policies based on support of apartheid, of continual violations of human rights, of International Law, and, now obvious to all, policies that have endangered American security.”
Reading my use of the words Jew and Jews to describe the problem, some Jews are understandably offended by what they consider a generalization which includes the majority of Jews who are just “simple, neutral American Jews who do not support or agree with Israeli policies, Zionism, or war against the Arabs or Muslim,” and did not take a position in support of any of those things, but simply want to “live in peace with everyone.”
Yes, I know, it is “head-in-the-sanding.”  But, as long as Israel, Zionism, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), and all the vested Zionist interests in the US, can keep the majority of heads in the sand, and not up and out in the streets arming, arguing and protesting against them, they are on a winning roll!

I really suspect that words like “Jew,” and “Jewish,” “Judaism,” “Israeli,” “Israelite,” “Zionist,”  “Zionism,”  etc. are all pretty Protean terms, spandex kind of words, of which one size fits all, and they  are usable for all or any occasions, as the user finds convenient, fit or necessary… the manipulability (I just made that word up) and plastic nature of the words (both coming and going) reserved of course, for  “Jews and defenders of Zion Only.”

It comes to my mind that the Israeli/Zionist problem (both in the US and in Israel) has grown to a sufficient degree of threat to World Peace that it is no longer sufficient that anyone be simply not a Zionist or an Israeli supporter anymore.  It is insufficient to simply NOT be pro-Zionist or Pro-Israeli.  In order to counter the threat everyone must become an active anti-Zionist and an anti-Israeli. If these thugs are insisting on a “Jewish” state, shouldn’t we have some idea what it IS?

Nazism did not thrive and survive in Germany in the late thirties and early forties because the National Socialist Party became the majority party, and the majority of “Good Germans” became Nazis.  They were not, and they did not!  But, as a minority, Nazis and Nazism still outnumbered the active anti-Nazi people, and overpowered the silent majority who took no stand, and they “won” by default over that large and silent majority who, like Reverend Niemöller, “took no sides in the issue,” and simply wished and prayed to be left to live in peace.

So, the vast majority of people in the UK and the US are not pro-war, pro Israel, or pro-Zionist, neocon or pro-neocon, but the neo-cons and pro-neocons outnumber the active anti-neocons, and anti-Israeli war party in numbers and voice… and they carry the day, rubberstamping apartheid in Palestine.

The power forces has developed to a degree that they are becoming a real threat to our civilization, to use the term loosely, and it is not because of a majority power, but because there is no major active opposition.  It is a loss by default of one inadequately active minority, to a slightly smaller but even more active minority.

Doing nothing, is akin to being a pro-neocon.

I suppose the only solution is to keep on keeping on, educating and informing!  Perhaps we can get some of the sand-headers, and “petitioners for peace” to pull their heads out of the sand, and become activists, shouting for and demanding peace. There have been many metaphors created alluding to “guilt by inactivity,” and this simply outlines another one… but it defines the crux of the problem, and why we are making no headway against it, even though we recognize that Zionists are a small minority of a small minority group of people, worldwide as well as in the US, and their powers of control far outweigh their numbers.  It is not because of their strengths that they have been able to do this… it is because of the weakness of the non-existent anti-Zionist “opposition”  in the American Government and American Media.


Debbie Menon is a freelance writer based in Dubai. Her commentary has been published widely in Print and Online publications. She can be reached at: debbiemenon@gmail.com. Her website: http://mycatbirdseat.com/





Source: http://mycatbirdseat.com/2011/01/is-america-rubberstamping-apartheid-in-palestine/

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