Monday, November 1, 2010

Officers suspected of robbing Palestinians

Two Border Guard officers took wallets, cell phones from Palestinians they were sent to arrest, police say    

Border Guard officers were dispatched to arrest Palestinians residing illegally in Israel, but instead opted to steal their wallets and personal belongings, police say.

The two officers were arrested on suspicion they repeatedly took advantage of their operational activity in order to rob Palestinians.
The two were interrogated by the Police Investigations Unit, and will be brought to a remand hearing at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court on Monday.
In one of the incidents, the officers – one serving in mandatory service and the other an non-commissioned officer – were dispatched to the southern town of Rahat and located a house where, according to suspicion, Palestinians without a visa were residing.

According to testimonies obtained by the Police Investigations Unit, the two entered the basement of the house, took the Palestinians' wallets and cell phones while threatening them with their weapons, and escaped the scene.
The Palestinians filed a complaint with the Police Investigations Unit, and the two officers were arrested later that day. The officers are suspected of robbing some 15 illegal residents. Some of the stolen artifacts were located and returned to their owner.

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