Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Israelis suspected of conning elderly Americans in lottery scam taken to Ben-Gurion Airport, where US law enforcement officials await

Five Israeli suspects in the "Nigerian sting" affair were brought to Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday ahead of their extradition to the United States on Thursday.

The suspects are accused by American authorities of conning hundreds of elderly US citizens out of tens of millions of dollars.
According to the charges the suspects allegedly phoned elderly Americans and informed them that they had won the lottery and demanded a fee of several thousand dollars for the transfer of the prize money, but the money never existed and was not transferred. 

About a month ago the Supreme Court rejected the suspects' appeal against the Jerusalem District Court's decision to extradite them to the US.
American authorities filed the extradition request in 2008. Since then the suspects have been held at the Rimonim Prison. On Tuesday they were transferred to the Nitzan Prison, and on Wednesday they were taken to the airport, where US law enforcement officials waited for them.

Two more suspects are expected to go through the same extradition process on Thursday.
In accordance with an extradition treaty between the US and Israel, the seven suspects will be tried in the US and, if convicted, will serve their prison terms in Israel. 


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