Friday, December 17, 2010

Israeli Navy killed teen

Gaza sources say Navy fired at boat; army spokesman says IDF not familiar with incident

A 15-year-old Palestinian drowned to death near the Rafah shore after his fishing boat was shot at by Navy forces, Gaza sources reported late Friday.
The IDF’s Spokesman’s office said it is not familiar with the incident.
News agencies reported that the Palestinian boy was part of a group of teens who went out to sea in boats. According to the Palestinian report, a Navy patrol boat pursued some of the vessels and that the boy was hit by automatic gunfire before his boat flipped and he died.

As noted, responding to a Ynet inquiry the army said it was unfamiliar with any such incident, adding that there were no reports of fire shot by the Navy near the Gaza Strip.
A similar case was reported in September, when medical sources in Gaza said that a 20-year-old fisherman was shot to death by Navy vessels in the northern Strip. At the time, the IDF confirmed the incident, noting that the Navy fired warning shots towards a fishing boat that deviated from the permitted area for sailing. 

In recent years, Israel has been limiting fishing sites at Gaza shores in the framework of the blockade imposed on the Strip. 

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